First Time Stories

First Time Stories from our Followers

We’re proud to present First Time Stories, a series of enlightening and hilarious accounts chronicling our followers’ first time experiences. If you have a story to share we’d love to hear it! (and with a bit of effort its likely to make it on the site!) Send yours to or hit us up on twitter @1sttimeigothigh

Here’s the first submission we’re highlighting from a man we’ll call “Kyle”. This story describes that pleasurable unknown we feel during our first time, where the little things feel brand new and you still aren’t sure whats marijuana and whats not. Its an experience we can all relate to.

First Time for Kyle

I had a free house for a whole week and my buddy said he’d get us some weed if I was down, I was as I always wanted to try it so I agreed to even pay for it. Now I was a complete weed virgin, I knew nothing, not even how to roll it into a joint. Anyway I bought 2gs for £25 (35.29 US dollars, I got ripped off a little I think lmao) anyway, my friend who had smoked previously rolled this shit up into this magical 4 inch packed joint. It was like heaven going into my lungs dude, I got so fucking stoned and I remember standing up and asking my friend for a can of coke, I already had one next to me at the time but I went through to the kitchen for one anyway, once I was back I took a sip and five minutes later got out of my seat and drank my friends coke. I went through to my room to lie down because I was super tired and ended up passing out. I awoke about twenty minutes later to my friends laughing and taking pictures. We then ordered a pizza and when I was on the phone to dominos I remember changing my order three times and when I couldn’t decide what I wanted, I just asked for them all, all together it cost me £50 for me and my friends (70.60 US dollars) eventually when the delivery boy showed at my house, he was about 18-19 years old and I remember him looking at me and saying “you feeling okay dude?” I’m sure he knew what was up, shit if he had spare time I would have sparked a joint with him. Anyway I ate my share of two pizzas, about 7 mozzarella bites and some ice cream afterwards. Bare in mind I’m not a heavy set guy either, I’m more on the skinny side, afterwards me and my friends were just slouching around on my couch and watching family guy till eventually we heard sirens after we just finished smoking the final bit of weed out of a bowl in my garden and we freaked the fuck out and decided to close all the blinds, curtains, turn off every light, lock all the doors and windows and pretend to be asleep. About 30 minutes pass and my friends gets my beats pill from the bedroom and decides to start blaring red hot chilli peppers, goo fighters and all of these songs from my childhood that I still love today, shit was euphoric. We lay there for what seemed like hours. Eventually I got up to get a drink as I had chronic cottonmouth and I realised everyone had passed out. I turned off the music, got a drink and lay back down on the mattress I had set up for myself on the floor, I still remember laying in the dark in my own thoughts and drifting off to sleep. I’ll never forget my first time smoking weed as to this day I still regard it as the best day of my life, I am still friends with all of those people to this day and we always speak about how great a day it is. Marijuana is something special to me because it’s made me a better person I general, it’s also brought me closer to friends and made me have a more positive outlook on life. If you’ve read till the end I wish you guys a happy life and you don’t have to post this if it’s too long, just as long as it made one of you guys smile. One love brother, K.

Tastes and Hunger

What came first, your hunger or your high?

Does the food taste so good because its good, or because you’re high?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these existential questions about marijuana’s influence on your tastes and hunger, then you are not alone. This isn’t my first time wondering these exact questions. I’ve come to the realization that you can not disentangle the effects of marijuana from your natural hunger and taste perception. I know I enjoy eating while high, but that doesn’t mean the high nor the food are solely responsible. I’ve been sober and hungry enough to eat a moose after all.

How does marijuana amplify your hunger and affect your ability to be satiated?

Healthy Stoner Meals: Recipe #1 – Taco Salad

Healthy Meal – Taco Salad with Refried Beans


Before I write out the details of this delicious and healthy stoner meal, I’d like to tell you how I got here.  My girlfriend and I love getting high.  We also love eating.  We especially love getting high then eating! No brainer.

The drain of a full time job though will take all the motivation out of cooking, which is why we often resorted to delivery.  Dominos, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Delicious Pizza (a local favorite), Dominos, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Dominos, Pizza Hut (my gf hates pizza hut but I like it), and on and on.  We went pizza overboard, and so did our waistlines.

The “new” us sticks to a low carb diet. Ideally close to 0 carbs.  This is as hard or harder than it sounds.  Salads are either easy and bland or complicated and great.  Thats what we thought until Stoner Meal Recipe #1.

Stoner Meal Recipe #1 – Deconstructed Taco Salad

Ingredients listed out separately:

  1. Shredded Lettuce (get a big bag)
  2. Refried Beans (Rosarita Traditional or just stop right here and call Dominos)
  3. Avocado (1 is enough for two people)
  4. Sharp Cheddar Cheese (do yourself a favor and get Tillamook)
  5. Onions (often overlooked but essential)
  6. Chicken or Steak (chicken is obviously healthier)

Prepare each one separately, combine, and feast.  The hot beans really make the meal.  Also pro-tip for those of you who are not low carb but still want to be healthy – corn tortillas are only 60 calories each. My favorite way to eat it is to blend all the ingredients into every bite but serving the ingredients separated to start is great for different eating styles.

Let us know how dank it is! and don’t forget

Most Important Ingredient is refried beans

Weed Tips and Tricks from Seasoned First Timers

Back again with another installment in our series of marijuana tips and tricks. Tell us your favorites!

1. Grunge Off – great for cleaning oil off your piece. Gives it that shine and non-toxic! And the real cherry on top, its reusable! It can get gross after a while, but I know people who have reused a bottle of Grunge Off 50 times.

2. Orange Chronic – Surprisingly effective at taking off tar and smoking residue. If you smoke flower, this will be your best friend. No soak necessary, just pour in, shake, and rinse. I’m always impressed by how fast Orange Chronic is able to clean my piece.

3. Scientific glass – Can’t write enough here to detail the myriad ways it’ll improve your smoking experience. And if you’re shocked at the prices, or think to yourself “I’ve seen way cheaper and bigger bongs on venice boardwalk”

4. Heady Glass Its Art. Spice up your smoking or dabbing with something cool to look at, put it in your display case.

5. Pelican cases – if you do end up buying nice glass, storing and transporting can be nervewracking. Pelican will ease that worry like no other case. Traditionally used for guns and extremely expensive electronics (think earthquake measurement), they work great for glass.

6. Trying to conserve/save money? Share! Blow your dab into your girlfriends lungs and have her do the same for you. Make sure you seal lips (Note for smoking this may be too gross).

And those are the six marijuana tips and tricks for this post. If you’d like an even quicker rundown, use grunge off for oil (aka concentrated hash), use orange chronic for bud, invest in quality glass, maybe get artsy with it, protect that glass, and share!

Weed Tips and Tricks Learned From Many First Times

Introducing a new series of Tips and Tricks from our community of experienced First Timers

Stay tuned for regular updates on how to improve your smoking situation. And for you edible lovers, we’ll have relevant help for you too.

Without further ado, lets get into two of our most veteran tips:

1. Dry mouths, commonly referred to as “cotton mouth” have been plaguing marijuana smokers since the dawn of time. Try this trip to quickly accelerate the feeling of moisture in your mouth: Take a medium to large sip of water and swish it around in your mouth, holding it in your cheeks and mouth for a few seconds. Repeat a few times until your mouth stays moist. This is much more effective than just drinking water. Also more delicious with juice/soda/gatorade/other drinks.

2. Ashy bowls ruin the taste of a hit and can feel like they are ruining the freshness of a newly packed “green” bowl. The solution is simply a stick to clear your bowl of gunk and tar. Turns out these have a name (no not toothpicks, those can splinter): Pokers – thin metal rods suitable for clearing out of your bowl; its like a strong metal toothpick that won’t splinter or break but is still fairly cheap. They are easy to clean and will make your bong taste so much cleaner and smoother. They also help you pack a joint! Heres some etsy options

The First Time I Renewed my Marijuana Recommendation…through a Video Chat

I’ve seen those billboards for Oscar. Yes the ones where it looks like the guy is nervous he caught the clap or even worse, the herp. They’re a Silicon Valley start up working to improve healthcare, and are unsurprisingly related to a new buzzworthy example of “disruption.”

This is disrupting more than paranoid STD checks. Its spreading to marijuana! No I’m not saying you can smoke a blunt through the internet, even though thats something Silicon Valley needs to get on ASAP. What is possible however, is a videochat evaluation for marijuana.

I walk in, theres a normal busy waiting area, I sign the paperwork, fill out the forms etc. Finally my time comes up (time sure goes by slow when you’re high and bored). After being walked to the back room for the evaluation, I noticed there was no doctor. I’m then pointed to a computer on a table, and told to click call. There was no 56k connection sounds to bring me back to my childhood, but there was also no one picking up. Minutes pass, no calls. The receptionist comes back in, expecting me to be done. She says to just keep clicking call. “OK…”

Eventually a man in American Samoa answers. He asks if I use marijuana and why. “Anxiety.” “Ok I think you are a good candidate for marijuana.” End of call. Skype time: 36 seconds

Awesome, but why aren’t I just doing this from home?

The First Time I Got High off Rosin (Solventless hash)

Cannabis Cup had every variety and flavor of marijuana you could imagine. Going in, I expected booths competing to serve you bong rips of classic bud and BHO dabs. It wasn’t much of a competition however, as dabs ruled the day. Perhaps they are simpler and easier to serve to a mass audience. After all, it takes a lot less time to wipe a dabber than clean and repack a bowl. And lines for free dabs were 10 deep at almost every booth.

The competition turned out to be between what kind of hash was your favorite. Most places focused on butane extracted hash oil. However theres a growing trend in a new solventless (ie, doesn’t use butane) technique to create concentrates: Rosin. Its made similarly to old school brick hash. The expert at Cannabis Cup, after serving me a HUGE Rosin hit, told me it comes down to just using different heat and PSI. If you are even an ounce health concscious or concerned that not enough research has been done on BHO, then you have to give Rosin a try. If you are just a marijuana lover and perhaps connoisseur, then Rosin is still a must try. It has that kief-y natural bud taste, almost as if you took a hit of straight kief or great brick hash. Just the taste difference told me theres something to Rosin that isn’t just a fad or alternative for those who can’t access more expensive equipment. I encourage you to try it yourself! Let us know how your first time smoking Rosin is in the comments or by submitting your story.

The First Time I Got High at Cannabis Cup!

If you’ve smoked weed more than a few times, you’ve probably heard of Cannabis Cup. However you probably aren’t sure what goes on there. Some may tell you its a big weed party. Others may mention its basically a trade show for marijuana professionals. Both would be right, but one is more right. Simply put: Cannabis Cup is a place to get high as fuck. There are definitely tools and lights and plant nutrients and trimmers and kief makers and huge tanks to create hash oil and rosin experts/evangelists. But what there is much much more of is free hits (aka “dabs”) of the highest quality cannabis concentrates. Enough that I made the cost of admission ($60) back in just a few hours. Also why I don’t remember much beyond this picture!

High Times Sign

Brought to you by High Times (who got us as high as this balloon)

High Times Balloon

The First Time Bill Maher Lit a Joint on National Television

Bill Maher last night on Real Time lit a joint and shared it with Killer Mike. Quite the statement to America: marijuana legalization won’t happen until we “get our heads out of the grass.”

Check out the video here:

Hats off to Bill for getting people’s attention.  America will have many more first time stories if we follow Bill’s example. If you want to make an impact on Marijuana Legalization (or anything cannabis), you don’t need your own TV show like Bill. Cannalytics is here for you. Cannalytics is nurturing the voice of the marijuana community and spreading it to politicians, lawmakers, businesses, and the media. Sign up for their 2016 Voter Panel here.

The First Time I Got High…On Medical Marijuana

Age 13: weed was bad. people who smoked were bad.

Age 14-15: Indifferent to weed but too naive to want to try it

Age 16: Meet guys I got along with, found out they smoke weed, and immediately was curious. You could say I was hi-curious.

Age 17: Getting high fairly regularly, realizing that dealers were flaky, inconsistent, and untrustworthy

Age 18: Graduated high school, had months off before college, and was getting high all the time. During a quick walk down the venice boardwalk, it dawned on me: Medical Marijuana is legal in California. Doctors recommending marijuana were all around me. Why wasn’t I taking advantage?

A quick phone call later and I’m headed to a doctor. Realized at the doctor its a stiff $120…but the excitement was too overwhelming. Exciting enough to even overcome the crowded 10x10ft waiting area. Dr. Loyde George White III finally was able to see me. Took my blood pressure, asked me if I use marijuana and why. Insomnia and Anxiety (Tip of the Week: Anxiety = foolproof).

Access to Medical Marijuana changed my life… for the higher.

How has medical marijuana access changed your life?